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"Dr. Lambert is Very experienced, professional, pleasant bedside manner, intelligent & AWESOME attribute to this Community! Dr. Lambert was my SECOND Chiropractor...wish she could have been my FIRST! Dr. Lambert HEALED my Physical & Mental body! Dr. Lambert has a Clean, Quiet & Beautiful office! Dr. Lambert location was close in my neighborhood & my wait was NEVER long, she was VERY easy to reach & NO answering service to deal with! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lambert to EVERYONE I know! I have visited LOTS of doctors, NONE better than DR LAMBERT! Dr. Lambert was ALWAYS there, NO assistant, I Praise Dr. Lambert for THAT alone! ATLANTA, GA needs MORE doctors like her!!!!!!!!"

Gina Hairis

"Don't spend another day/night in chronic or acute pain.  Give Dr. Lambert a chance to enhance your wellness. I got immediate relief of pain with the 1ST treatment. So looking forward to my next appointment."

Barbara Watson

"The therapy experience with Dr. Lambert has been very good. This was the 3rd accident I've been in and I can say that out of the 3 chiropractors I have been too she is the best all around. She is a good people's person and makes you feel comfortable with the recovery process. My body felt better after every session. She does more than the average chiropractor. The office is located in a nice area the inside of the facility is a clean environment and the equipment in the office is well kept and functions great. I would definitely recommend family or friends to her."

Benji Craze

"I have no complaints at all about my service. She was great and very knowledgeable with the treatment of my injury. Her knowledge of chiropractic and sport rehabilitation got me back up to my feet in no time. I've recommended her to personal friends and other athletes and they've all been more than satisfied with their treatment. Definitely a great place to go for treatment. The office is clean and sanitary, the staff is nice, and Dr. Lambert is courteous with excellent patient/doctor communication."

King Reece

"I wouldn't trust anyone else for my Chiropractic needs. Quality, personal care provider. Dr. Lambert is awesome."

Deon Lewis

"Exceptional patient care!  Dr. Lampert is professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field of medicine. When I was looking for a top rated chiropractor she did not disappoint!  The office is always clean and tidy and her staff is very personable.  Highly recommended!"

Angela Lampkins

"I received 7 weeks of treatment. Doctor Lambert treated me and gave recommendations which improved my condition. The process was smooth and precise. Thank you Dr. Lambert."

Curtis Jackson

"Thank you Dr. Lambert for your services. I have being coming to you for the past three years now. You took time with me and even helped with remedies to help me at home with my condition. I have truly enjoyed the massages I received from your facility (My favorite was Claudia, don’t tell nobody). Your office treated me and the twins like family. One of the most important reasons I chose you was because of the twins. I wanted a Chiropractic Doctor who could work/treat on children, and you did just that. You were super awesome with them. Now you have the twins spoiled :) Also I am enjoying the new location. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would recommend all ages to her Wellness Center."

Lisa Anderson

"I've been going to Lambert Chiropractic and wellness center for several years. It's an important part of my training regiment, keeping my body properly aligned. It's easier to train and play hard when your body is pain free. They help me come back from major knee surgery. I'm a Firefighter and the Doctors told me it would be 9 months to a year before I would be able to return to duty. When I included Lambert Chiropractic to my treatment they help to break up the scar tissue which helped me get my full range of motion back and strengthen my knee. I returned back to work in less than 4 months. They are the truth!"

Levy Forte

"This chiropractic practice is so great. Dr. Lambert is very professional and graceful. They treated me well and made me well again. Thanks for everything."

Wise Man

"Love love love! Everything about Dr. Lambert was comforting. She was extremely patient with me and was very knowledgeable of my problem. She gave me a step by step process as to how my procedure would've went, which gave me trust that I was in good hands. Highly recommended!"

Treymaine Dean

"I met Dr. Lambert after being in a car accident. I was pregnant and scared at the time. Her calming demeanor and professionalism brought me to ease and made treatment easy for me. Her staff is always courteous and welcoming.  The ease of scheduling an appointment as well as the wait time upon arrival was definitely to my satisfaction."

Y Slate

"My son and I was in a car accident and we sustained injures that required a chiropractor. I chose Lambert chiropractic and that was the best decision I made. The facility was awesome and the services we received week after week were great. I would recommend Lambert chiropractic and wellness to anyone..."

Tobias Ester

"Doctor Lambert is the best period. When you have someone whom eats, sleeps, and breathes their profession is when you know that you are in good hands literally. I highly recommend her. The office is always clean and she is always punctual. Combine that with superior customer service and 5 stars are an understatement."

Chris Anthony

"I have been going to Lambert Chiropractic for several years and I just love Dr. Lambert and her staff. Dr. Lambert is very knowledgeable and has been excellent since day one. I came to her with severe back, shoulder and leg pain. She took the time to listen to me and was genuinely concerned. When scheduling appointments I am always able to get in and there is no wait on my appointment day. I highly recommend Dr. Secora Lambert as she is committed to ensuring the best care of her patients."

Jodonna Baker

"Five HUGE stars. I went to Dr. Lambert after a car accident. I just knew my back hurt; but she was able to quickly diagnose/locate the specific muscle and nerve problem. I always looked forward to my weekly appointments. Very professional staff and comfortable environment."

Stephanie Bennett

"Great facility, Doctor Lambert is very professional, and at the same time she cares about great deal about her clients. I will always recommend her to any and everyone I know. She got me back to my 100%. So I could go back to work. Love her so much."

Anna Robinson

"Dr. Lambert is the most professional doctor I have come across in a long time. She doesn't rush you. She takes her time to make sure you are getting what you need. She listens to you and helps in the area of your pain. I would and have recommended her to everyone that asked for a chiropractor. She is amazing!"

Desiree Galloway Wade

"The service was great! The office was clean and the treatment was comfortable. There was an immediate difference in my back after Dr. Lambert's treatment. I would recommend the Lambert Center to others!"

Eddie Eellis

"I would like to give Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center a 5 star rating.  I was referred to Dr. Lambert more than year ago, and I have not been disappointed. My first appointment was of an urgent nature, and I was immediately impressed with scheduling the appointment, and how accommodating her office was to my needs. I was further impressed with the comfort and spaciousness of her office space, as well as the friendly demeanor of her office personnel. I was escorted to a comfortable exam room, and within 10 minutes Dr. Lambert joined me.  I found this to be my experience at each visit. My experience with Dr. Lambert has been exceptional. She thoroughly explained a plan of treatment for my care. At one point she determined that an MRI would be necessary. Her office staff was expeditious in making the necessary arrangements. Dr. Lambert examined me regularly to determine my progress. She spent time with me, and never hesitated to answer any of my questions. I would highly recommend Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center to family and friends."

Dorothy Graves

"I have known Dr. Lambert for several years and my experience with her has been superb. Before going to Dr. Lambert my lower back would be in major pain and once I begin treatment the pain I was having was no longer there. I also recommended my father to Dr. Lambert and the treatment she gave to him was phenomenal. His pain went for 10 -3 in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend any and everyone who has been in an accident, is an athlete or has constant back pain to visit Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center."

Victoria Pickens

"I give her 5 stars because she cares about her patients. She does her job well, she is intelligent, and does her best to make sure her patients are getting the best assistance. I definitely recommend anyone to go to Lambert Chiropractic."

Kimberly Baker

"The experience was/is incredible!!! The staff is very professional and detail. Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center provides care for my entire family. I am very thankful for their expertise and their commitment to patient care."

Kelvin Walston

"Dr. Lambert has been treating my family and I for several years. She provides Great Service every time!"

Eric Gadson

"My daughter and I went to Dr. Lambert's office and her professional and personal care made us feel like right at home. We loved the services we received and would highly recommend her practice for anyone in need of Chiropractic service."

Connie Usher

"I had a great experience!!! Dr. Lambert’s hands are heaven sent and she knows her stuff! I arrived stiff with a migraine and in pain. After a full evaluation and thorough examination I am as good as new. Thank you!!"

Nicole Burns

"Very professional and knowledgeable about her craft."

Ayasha Hanif

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