Auto Injury

Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center is available to help those who recently were in an auto accident. Our Dr. Secora Lambert and her team understand that a car accident leads to insurance issues, short-term unemployment, workman's comp problems, and more. It's overall a headache, but Dr. Lambert wants individuals in Lithonia, GA, and the surrounding region, to know that healing is most important of all, and we're fully about healing an auto accident injury with less stress. 

Types of Auto Injuries We Treat 

We help those who have herniated discs, muscle strains, and generalized back pain after a collision. We also help those who have whiplash or another neck injury, or concussions. It's also in our wheelhouse to care for those who have strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal injuries after a vehicular accident. 

Diagnosing the Problem

Our Lithonia, GA, practitioner understands that you want fast relief. That's why we condense the diagnostic process as much as possible to get you an accurate diagnosis with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

Primarily, the process will consist of you telling us about your pain and other symptoms. Our practitioner will ask you to demonstrate your range of motion. Using her hands, our chiropractor will determine if you have any swelling or tender areas. Sometimes, imaging may be necessary to get a view of the inside of your body and find the root of the problem.

We'd also like you to know that an auto accident injury may not cause symptoms right away. Therefore, you may have a problem, like whiplash, and not know it within the first 72 hours. This time is critical when it comes to intervening and optimizing the recovery. Therefore, even if you don't have symptoms after an auto accident, it's important to get examined for an auto accident injury. 

Treating the Problem

At our practice, our chiropractor believes in getting to the root of your problem. Therefore, we offer treatments like chiropractic alignments to ease pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue. 

Part of your treatment may consist of chiropractic exercises, which slowly work the muscles and other soft tissue in the injured region. This helps to draw blood to the area for healing and improves your function and flexion. 

At Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Lithonia, GA, Dr. Lambert is extending care to those who endure a car accident. Her entire goal is to help you heal as much as possible and get back to living your life normally as soon as possible. And all this is done through comprehensive diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. 

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