Back Pain Treatments

Suffering from back pain can curtail your ability to do all the things you want and need to do. Getting relief is a necessity. Dr. Secora Lambert of Lambert Chiropractic And Wellness Center in Lithonia, GA has spent the greater part of her life learning how to provide the relief you need for your back pain. She serves the DeKalb community in the greater Atlanta metro area. 

Back pain can be caused by both skeletal and muscular conditions or injuries. The treatment recommended will depend on where the back pain is originating and the cause.   

Spinal adjustments and manipulation

When you have pain in your back, getting your spine in alignment is the first step on your road to recovery. Spinal manipulation can be done in many different ways. It can be gentle or vigorous, done with the hands or instrument-assisted. No matter what the method, the end result is the same; to get the spine back into alignment. This not only helps with back pain but also helps every system in the body function more efficiently. 

Spinal Decompression

When the discs that cushion between the vertebrae have bulged or herniated, they can press on the nerves that surround the spine. This can send shooting pains down the legs in addition to causing back pain. Spinal decompression is a treatment to allow the disc to return to its correct location without the need for surgery. The spine is stretched and when the vertebrae move apart it creates suction that pulls the discs back into the space where it belongs, removing the pressure from the nerves. 

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses different lengths of light to help to bring heat to the area where it is applied. It can be used for soft tissue or joint pain. The laser helps to relieve pain and to help with healing at a very basic cellular level. 

Webster Technique

When back pain is due to pregnancy, the Webster Technique is designed to help. The weight of the baby can change the center of gravity, applying pressure to the pelvis and the lower back. The adjustment is gentle and can really help to relieve the back pain. 

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is used to relieve the pain caused by painful knots that form in the muscles and soft tissues. These are trigger points that need to be released so that the tension is relieved, and the back pain can stop as well. 

Contact Dr. Lambert of Lambert Chiropractic And Wellness Center in Lithonia, GA when you need help with your back pain. She accepts new patients and you can reach her at (770) 987-0771 or via her website.

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